Barbados: When to go

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Barbados When to go

Barbados is a paradise all year round and the seasons don’t vary hugely. However, it’s good to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each season so you can pick a time that’s best for your needs. The average annual temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius (75-80 degrees Fahrenheit) so you will never be short of sun. The summer brings higher temperatures and around June to September there’s a greater chance of rain, however the showers don’t usually last long. The main difference is that in the peak summer season there are more people around than in the winter, however, Barbados offers a brilliant place to escape the British winter and get your dose of sun. In season you will find plenty of entertainment and be part of a buzzing atmosphere. This is a great time for groups of friends as well as singles and couples. It’s a good idea to book two or three months in advance if you want to holiday in peak season (May-September). Off season you’ll see a slightly quieter Barbados and you’ll become part of the more laid back, quintessentially Caribbean life of Barbados. The hotels may cut down on staff during the quieter season and service will be less attentive. However, Barbadians are known for the helpful and friendly natures so don’t worry-you won’t be neglected.

Hotels and apartments will wait until this time of year to renovate and maintain the buildings so it’s best to check before hand if hotels are planning any work so you don’t turn up on a construction site. The up side of travelling off season are the prices. You won’t need reservations for the restaurants and if you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of home Barbados will be peaceful and calm. If you’re travelling with a family it may be a good idea to wait until the quiet season kicks in as it’s easier to travel around. Yet some entertainment and tours may close for parts of the off season.