Beijing: City Breaks

The Forbidden City

Beijing City Breaks

If you’re in need of a city break, Beijing is a fantastic destination. With the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Ming Tombs and host of the 2008 Olympics Beijing is China's political, economic and cultural capital.

Now, as China's political capital and largest city (population: 12 million), Beijing is marching headlong into the future, sprouting skyscrapers, Starbucks outlets and mobile phone devotees at breakneck pace.The capital wave, however, has yet to entirely wash away the communist residue. Yuppies share the streets with Confucius-style old-timers, and ancient quarters are overlooked by monoliths of concrete and steel, all against the distant backdrop of the Great Wall of China. Whatever you've come to see during your city break in Beijing, you'll leave wide-eyed.

Leave plenty of time to tuck into the city's other attractions: shopping galore, a profusion of cuisine from all over China, burgeoning nightlife and jaw-dropping acrobatics shows.
With an abundance of accommodation, from budget hostels to world-class international hotels, fantastic history and sightseeing, lively nightlife, delicious street food and top rated restaurants; a city break in Beijing comes highly recommended.