Beijing: Horse Riding

The Forbidden City

Horse riding in Beijing is a possibility, although not the first activity that springs to mind when visiting Beijing. Horse riding is a hobby enjoyed by all ages and although many start horse riding when young, more people are taking up horse riding for the first time later in life.

‘Holiday on horseback in Beijing’ can offer you a unique horse riding trip in the Kangxi Grassland, 10 km to the north of Badaling Great Wall, about a 90-minute drive from downtown Beijing along the Badaling Highway.

The Kangxi Grassland is located to the east of Guanting reservoir. It is the land of inundation for Guanting Reservoir. Kangxi Grassland occupies an area of more than 20 million square meters. It is suitable for carrying out featured activities such as horse racing and much more. There is a standard horse-riding field with many horses for tourists to ride. There are rich animal and plant resources on the Kangxi Grassland, among which more than 50 are grass plants such as clover, wild chrysanthemum, and cogongrass, more than 20 birds such as herring-gull, wild duck, wild goose, grey crane, and more than 10 animals such as wild rabbit, fox and badger.

Covering an area of about 5,270 acres, Kangxi Grassland is Beijing's biggest grassland. Situated to the west of Badaling Great Wall, Yanqing County, it is sandwiched between Haituo Mountain and Guanting Reservoir. In the summer it is a good place for an outing, due to the cooler temperature found there.

There are suitable trips for both beginners and more experienced riders, trips start in the Grassland and continue to the Great Wall of China, where you can ride five horses abreast in the Badaling section of the wall, a truly unique experience.