Beijing: Scuba Diving

The Forbidden City

Beijing Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is rapidly becoming one of the most popular pastimes in the world. And no wonder; Who can resist the charm of swimming with multicoloured fish or other creatures of the deep that can be found inhabiting coral reefs or old shipwrecks in the Asia Pacific?

There are opportunities to learn to scuba dive in Beijing, Sino Scuba and Big Blue being two reputable companies. From Discover Scuba Diving up to and including Assistant Instructor, Beijing-based, native English-speaking instructors offer flexible schedules for courses in both English and Mandarin. They can arrange dive trips around Asia.

Most tourists visit the Great Wall of China, but few get to dive on it. In 1981, in order to resolve water shortages in Tian Jin, the Chinese government flooded an area where the Great Wall ran, it now lays at 5-35meters where most of it sits at a max depth of 20meters.
Diving companies offer a unique opportunity to dive in this area of the Great Wall. A must do on the checklist of any Scuba diver!