Beijing: Costs

The Forbidden City

Beijing Costs

30 EUR Bus Tour for the day
20-150 EUR Hotel Room p/n
0,1EUR Ice cream stick
0,2EUR Fresh roses per piece
0,2EUR Subway ticket
0,3EUR Haircut
0,5EUR Per hour, cleaning service
0,6EUR One liter petrol
0,5EUR Ticket price to Beihai Park in city center
0,6EUR Chicken burger at Beijing McDonalds
0,6EUR Door to door delivery, letter/package within Beijing
0,7EUR Big fresh lily flower with 3 blossoms, per piece
0,8EUR Fried rabbit leg from shop
0,8EUR Double cheese burger at Beijing McDonalds
1EUR Haircut near Silk Street
1EUR Big Mac hamburger
1EUR Shorten your trousers, done while you wait
1EUR Beer, gin or vodka at a restaurant
1,2EUR Spaghetti Bolognese delivered
1,5EUR 1,5kg of good quality peaches delivered
30 EUR Day bus tour