Beijing: Main Facts

The Forbidden City

Beijing Main Facts

Geographical Location of Beijing

Beijing is located at the northern tip of the North China Plain, near the meeting point of the Xishan and Yanshan mountain ranges in China.

Languages Spoken in Beijing

The official language of Beijing is Mandarin Chinese. The Beijing dialect consists of much local slang, which has not been incorporated into standard Mandarin. Taxi drivers in Beijing are famously chatty and will offer students of the language an excellent chance to practice.

Most staff at hotels and tourist attractions speaks English. However, it is uncommon in the city, and you are advised to have someone write down the name of your accommodation and where you are visiting that day, to avoid confusion with taxi drivers.

Currency of Beijing

The official currency in Beijing is the China Yuan Renminbi.

1 CNY = 0.112511 EUR

1 EUR = 8.88801 CNY

100EUR=883.05 CNY

100USD=683.42 CNY

100JPY =6.9705 CNY

100HKD=88.18 CNY

100GBP=992.22 CNY