Beirut: Hiking Activity Holiday

Paris of the Middle East

Beirut Hiking Activity Holiday

A hiking holiday starting in Beirut can be a fascinating experience. The city of Beirut itself is best seen on foot. Walking around on holiday you’ll not only discover fascinating historical finds from the Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman, Phoenician and Persian times – such as the Roman baths set behind Bank Street, for example – but also absorb the atmosphere and cultural diversity of this stunning city. The cornice road which runs along the shores of the Mediterranean is a popular place for walking and people-watching.

Wider afield, the mountainous geography of Lebanon is ideal of hiking holidays, and you’ll find yourself in a walker’s paradise, only a few miles outside of Beirut. There are stunning mountain routes in the Chou mountains, hike to Lebanese villages, visit maronite chapels in the Kadisha Gorge, Mediterranean vistas, roman roads and temples, and medieval and ottoman castles, see the forests of Lebanon and the diversity of other habitats and wildlife. A hiking holiday here doesn’t need a high level of fitness – guides will match their pace with your ability, so you can enjoy the views and sites at your leisure. To make the most of the weather, the best time to take a walking holiday from Beirut is from late March through to October.