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Beirut Party Holiday - Singles Life

Partying in Beirut is almost a national pastime, so if you’re looking for a party holiday with packed nightlife, Beirut is a great place to come.  Beirutis love to dress up and party hard - so, as you'd expect, there are a multitude of clubs and bars that stay open until sunrise, filled with trendy partygoers.  Party lovers on holiday in Beirut will find most of the clubs and nightspots concentrated in the Rue Monot neighbourhood in Ashrafiyeh, although the Gemmayzeh and Downtown areas of Beirut are also popular - particularly if you're looking for a slightly more chilled atmosphere.

Beirut's hectic nightlife and party atmosphere is one of the main reasons that the city was named as one of the top ten liveliest cities in the world by the Lonely Planet in 2009, and the number one Place to Visit by The New York Times.  So, if you want to experience the best on a party holiday in Beirut, prepare to party hard, make sure you dress to impress and check local listings for the best bars and clubs.