Beirut: Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Paris of the Middle East

Beirut Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

For diving enthusiasts, a scuba diving holiday in Beirut certainly has a lot to offer. There are several respected dive centres in Beirut, and scuba diving is really booming in popularity in Beirut. The shoreline is dotted with shipwrecks, submerged historical sites and shark and ray habitats, along with impressive canyons and caves to explore. There are 36 shipwrecks in all, making for quite a bewildering choice for scuba divers on holiday in Beirut. Some notable wrecks that are good for scuba divers include the HMS Victoria, the flagship of Admiral Sir George Tryon which sank in 1893; Alice B, a British freighter which sank in the 1980s; Le Souffleur, a French WWII submarine; the Macedonia, which sank in 1962; and the National Star, a freighter which went to the bottom in 1991.

There are also a wealth of submerged archaeological sites to see on a scuba diving on holiday in Beirut – where you’ll find the depths of the sea scattered with Phoenician and Roman columns, pottery and pathways. All in all, a scuba diving holiday in Beirut certainly makes for an interesting experience.