Beirut: Shopping Holiday

Paris of the Middle East

Beirut Shopping Holiday

A shopping holiday in Beirut is a great experience, whatever you're interested in buying.  As the fashion capital of Lebanon, Beirut is a fantastic place to shop for clothes, being home to some fashion designers - like Elie Saab, Pierre Katra and Robert AbiNader -who easily hold their own amongst the best of the world.  For designer shopping when on holiday, make your way to Downtown Beirut with its wealth of designer boutiques, and the Rue. Verdun which has several department stores and shopping malls. If your fashion forward, this is definitely shopping heaven.

If you’re after some bargains when shopping on holiday, then try out Beirut's Mar-Elias Street or Hamra Street, where you'll find many of the shops selling Lebanese brands which tend to be local and cheap.  There are also a few regular markets which can be a great place to buy crafts and souvenirs or to shop for local foods and farm produce.  If this is the sort of shopping you're after on holiday, then check out Beirut's Souk El Tayeb, which is held on Saturdays in Beirut's Saifi village and is the first organic famer's market in Beirut as well as a great place to buy artisan crafts.  Or, try the early morning Sunday Market, next to Beirut River, where you can shop for an eclectic range of clothing, beads and jewellery.  Alternatively, there's the Burj Hammoud, in Beirut's Armenian quarter - a good place to shop (and haggle!) for souvenirs, crafts and copperware.