Beirut: Hiking - Walking

Paris of the Middle East

Beirut Hiking - Walking

Walking in Beirut is one of the best ways to see the city. One of the most enjoyable walks is a round trip along Paris Avenue, linking up to General De Gaulle Avenue (both colloquially known as the Cornice). This 5 km route is popular with walkers, joggers and skaters in Beirut, particularly in the evenings: start out on your walk at the Beirut Marina and stroll along to Beirut’s Pigeon Rocks in Rawcheh in time to enjoy a few drinks in a cafe and watch the sunset.

As for Lebanon's countryside, the clear blue sky, fresh air, rugged mountain peaks, and the pleasant chill of snow-fed rivers make Lebanon a hiker's paradise. Spruced up with delicious local food, hidden historical treasures, scenic overlooks, or special expert presentations, our hiking packages ensure that your journey will be as interesting as your destinations.

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