Beirut: Crime

Paris of the Middle East

Beirut Crime

Petty crime in Beirut is not much of a problem to visitors. However, as with any major city, it’s always sensible to keep a watch on your bags and keep your money out of sight if you don’t want to encourage petty criminals in Beirut.

You are likely to find a heavy police presence in many places – particularly in Beirut’s downtown areas where armed police guards and tanks and machine guns are a regular sight. Despite this, you’re not in any particular danger from crime in this part of Beirut – and the soldiers are generally very polite and are there for everyone’s protection. It’s perfectly safe to wander the streets - but be aware that you may have your ID and your bags checked for security reasons – but be aware that it’s prohibited to take photographs of the police or soldiers, and make sure that you check on the local security situation before you come to Beirut.

Also, although there is no tangible crime threat to tourists, don’t go near Beirut’s Hezbollah tent city (which runs from the north end of Rue Monot to the south of Place des Martyrs), if you want to stay away from crime in Beirut.