Beirut: Suggested Itinerary

Paris of the Middle East

Day 1: Take an overnight flight for arrival into Beirut very early in the morning. Transfer to your hotel to kick back for a bit initially – you’ll need it. In the morning begin exploring the city, visit the National Museum, the ABC mall in Ashrafieh (where you can find a lot of shopping and restaurants - open from 10:00 a.m. till midnight). In the afternoon you can wander on the corniche or have time to browse through shops and bazars in Hamra before returning to your hotel. In the evening enjoy a typical evening experience at a restaurant in Hamra or ABC mall.

Day 2: Proceed to the Bekaa region. Visit Ksara winery, the storage fermentation, before tasting the different wines they produce. Head to Baalbeck (optional visit to the temple and the museum) and then continue to Anjar to visit the Ommayades ruins. You can stop for lunch here and then take a tour in Zahle and a stroll on the Bardawni river will make the day even more delightful.

Day 3: Proceed very early in the morning to Tripoli to browse through shops and bazaars. Then visit the St Gilles crusader castle, before continuing further to the Cedars forest. Get some lunch in Blawza. Make your way back to Beirut and visit the Phoenician ruins and crusader castle at Byblos.

Day 4: Your morning is free to explore more of the city before your transfer to the airport for your return flight home.