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If you’re looking for a hotel in Beirut, there are a huge range of options: from fairly basic hotel accommodation, to outstanding luxurious Beirut suite hotels. Prices for hotel rooms in Beirut do tend to be a bit higher than in other parts of the Middle East and Mediterranean, but the choice of hotel accommodation in Beirut is vast so you’re sure to find something that fits your budget and requirements.

Prices for a mid-range hotel in Beirut start at about €45 - €60 for a room with breakfast. Within this price bracket you’ll find clean, comfortable hotel accommodation in most of Beirut’s neighbourhoods, generally situated within pleasant surroundings and close to main attractions. If you shop around, you’ll also be able to find some great boutique hotels in Beirut starting at around this price in low season.

If you’re after a more luxurious hotel, Beirut has plenty to offer! There are a number of upscale hotels with incredibly comfortable, elegant rooms and outstanding service – many of which are located on the shores of the Mediterranean with private beaches or sea-front areas, or right in the bustling heart of Beirut. For this type of luxury hotel accommodation in Beirut, you should expect to pay upwards of €200 per night.

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