Bermuda: Culture and Arts

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Bermuda Culture and Arts

Bermuda is well known for its well-preserved historic buildings, forts and dockyards. The town of St George has even been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, it is not thought of as a mecca for the fine arts, so most people don’t have art holidays in Bermuda. However, if you have a passion for the performing arts, you can have a good arts-based holiday in Bermuda if you visit in January and February when the Festival of Performing Arts is held. Art lover that vacation in Bermuda should enjoy the Bermuda National Gallery which houses a few works by Georgia O’Keefe and the recently opened Masterwork Museum of Bermudian Art, as well as some of the island art galleries. If you are mad on history and the arts, but your family insists on the beach, a cultural holiday in Bermuda may be an expensive compromise.