Bermuda: Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

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Bermuda Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

The waters around Bermuda are one of the best places to go scuba diving in the world making Bermuda a great place for a scuba diving holiday. With its eerie shipwrecks teeming with sea life and its coral reefs, Bermuda is an underwater playground for diving enthusiasts. You’ll find that all of the outfitters offer excursions to many of the main diving sites in Bermuda. If you’ve never done scuba diving but are keen to learn you’ll find several diving centres in Bermuda where you try your hand at this wonderful underwater sport and gain diving certification. If you want to try diving but don’t want to enrol in lessons you should consider a helmet dive in Bermuda. With helmet diving participants go out in a boat to a dive site which is about three meters deep. Once they are in position a helmet is placed on the diver’s head. The helmet is connected to a compressor on the boat and delivers air to the diver. The diver and guide then walk around the diving site to get a close-up look at the marine life there. Helmet dives usually last for half an hour. Whether you are new to diving or a seasoned pro a scuba diving holiday in Bermuda has something for everyone.