Bermuda: Bus Tours

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Bermuda Bus Tours

There are a few tour companies offering small guided mini-bus and walking tours around Bermuda. These tours will take you to all of the most popular sites such as St George or around Hamilton or to some of its special bays and beaches. There are also specialist tours covering particular aspects of Bermuda’s historic building and forts, as well as activities such as bird watching. But be warned, these guided tours can be expensive (around $60 per person). Check online for more details or ask at your hotel. Another way to see that sites of Bermuda is to get a Blue Flag taxi to give you a guided tour. Generally, Bermudan taxi drivers are very knowledgeable about Bermuda and its rich history. Your hotel should be able to organise a guided taxi tour for you. You will pay around $30 per hour for a taxi tour for four or less people.