Bermuda: Cycling - Mountain Biking

Heaven on Earth

Cycling is the one of the only ways to get around Bermuda and many tourists rent bicycles for a day or two. If you are the sporty type, chances are you will want to try cycling in Bermuda. One of the most popular cycling trips in Bermuda is on the Railway Trail, which has shade and spectacular views of the island. Take your rental bike on the ferry from Hamilton to the Royal Naval Dockyard and then cycle back to Paget via the Railway Trail. From Paget you can then cycle back to Hamilton. You may also want to use a cycle in Bermuda to get around the island - be it to visit the shops or the beach. Expect to pay around $10 to $20 per day for a bike in Bermuda. Your hotel or resort will be able to recommend a reliable bicycle hire firm in Bermuda for you.