Bermuda: Shopping

Heaven on Earth

In American, Bermuda has established a good reputation for having some great shopping. This is due to the quality of the goods on offer in Bermuda rather than the bargain prices. Generally speaking Hamilton has the best shopping in Bermuda (along Front Street), though you may want to look at the shops in St George too. Many of the shops in Bermuda are in picture postcard cottages and stock a well selected range of quality goods. Traditional luxury British and Irish goods such as china and crystal, as well as wool and cashmere are common on the Island. As Bermuda is a British colony the duty on these items is slightly reduced, making them less expensive than they are in the States. You’ll find several antiques shops in Bermuda, as well as some great Bermudian arts and crafts shops. On Wednesday nights (on Front Street between 7 and 10 pm) Hamilton turns shopping in Bermuda into more of a carnival with Harbour Nights. Here you’ll find street performers, children’s activities, carriage rides, as well as and arts and craft market stalls. So if you want to soak up some sun and buy a few well pick British luxury items (without heading across the Atlantic) or an antique than perhaps a shopping in Bermuda is for you.