Bermuda: Spectator Sports

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Bermuda Spectator Sports

There are a few chances to watch spectator sports in Bermuda. Cricket is probably Bermuda’s most popular sport. During the summer months you’ll see regional teams practising on the cricket greens which are dotted around the island. The main cricket event is the Cup Match Cricket Festival which is held every year in late July/early August. If you fancy a day watching cricket you can get tickets (around $15) on the gate. Golf is another big spectator sport in Bermuda. The island currently hosts the PGA’s Grand Slam of Golf (where four selected top player tee off against each other). The Grand Slam of Golf is the PGA’s seasonal finale and is usually held in mid-October. If you enjoy watching tennis in April there is the XL Bermuda Open an APT tournament. If you are a rugby fan then you may want to go to Bermuda for the World Rugby Classic. This event holds rugby matches between several nations and is a gaining in popularity.