Bermuda: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Bermuda Food Guide - Dining Out

Generally, Bermuda is not considered to have outstanding gourmet cuisine. However, the quality of the restaurants in Bermuda and the variety of places to eat has improved in recent years. Most of the restaurants in Bermuda are in either Hamilton or St George. Prices can be high for food and drink in Bermuda, especially near the cruise ship docks. American and British foods are most common in Bermuda. You may want to try local specialities such as shark hash, wahoo steak, mussel pie, Bermuda lobster or rum-laced fish chowder while dining in Bermuda. Also try the uniquely Bermuda dish of ‘Hoppin’ John’ a simple mix of rice and beans or have salted cod and boiled potatoes for Sunday breakfast. Popular Bermudan drinks are Dark ‘n Storm (a blend of rums and ginger beer) and Rum Sizzle (amber and dark rum mix with citrus fruit).

With around 150 restaurants and bars, Bermuda has a wide range of dining options including sushi, Chinese, traditional British pub fare as well as American classics. You need to bear in mind that Bermuda is an island and much of the produce and meat is imported, usually from the States. This means that it is expensive and may not be as fresh as you would like it. One way round this is too opt for local fresh seafood such as Bermuda lobster or rockfish. Generally speaking dining out in Bermuda is more expensive than in the States and quite formal at the better restaurants (ie, jacket and tie for men and dresses for women). During the summer months the best restaurants book up quickly, so book your table well in advance (even before you leave). You can easily get a cheaper and less formal meal in the capital city Hamilton, and of course a pub. Many travellers choose to eat at their hotels rather than dine out in Bermuda.