Bermuda: Useful Information

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Bermuda Useful Information

- There is no sales tax in Bermuda (hurrah!). However, there is a mandatory Hotel Occupancy tax which is currently 7.25% which will be added to you accommodation bill.
- Most restaurants automatically add in a 15% service charge to your bill. Be sure to check your bill so that you don’t end up tipping twice. Hotels may also add a 10% service charge to your bill. You should tip your taxi driver around 10%.
- Although you can use either Bermudan dollars or American dollars you may get your change in Bermudan cents. It is best to change this to American dollars before you leave the Island.
- Bermuda is generally more formal than many other tourist destinations. Be sure to cover up when you leave the beach/pool and expect to wear a jacket and tie/dress in the evening at the better restaurants.
- You will need a visa to visit Bermuda UNLESS you hold a British, American or Canadian passport or have proof of a right to stay in these countries (eg, Permanent Residency Cards).
- The country telephone code for Bermuda is 441. As in the US the emergency services can be reached by dialling 911.

Water safety in Bermuda

There are a few important considerations about water safety in Bermuda that you should be aware of. Firstly, the Portuguese Man-of-war jellyfish can be found in the waters that surround Bermuda. It can also be found washed up on the beaches. The tentacles on these jellyfish can reach up to 45 meters (150 feet) and deliver a painful sting. Man-of-wars are most common in the spring and early summer, especially after a storm. If you see one on the beach, do not touch it. Secondly, as with main seaside location the beaches in Bermuda occasionally get rip tides and rip currents. The south shore beaches in Bermuda are the most prone to rip tides.