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Cottages in Bermuda

A cottage in Bermuda is a great idea for accommodation for independent travellers. Many of the guesthouses and inns on the island also offer cottage accommodation, as do some of the upmarket hotels. Staying at one of the more modest cottages in Bermuda is one way to help keep the cost of your holiday down. You can expect to have a kitchen or kitchenette with your cottage, and may get limited maid service. Another type of cottage in Bermuda is the “colonial cottages”. These facilities usually have cottages situated in lush gardens and offer privacy as well as luxury. The facility will also have a main clubhouse and dining room along, with a lounge bar and a pool and/or beach. A cottage with a double bed and kitchen can cost upwards of $180 per night in summer. Prices for a one-bedroom colonial cottage start at more around $200 per night with a two-bedroom cottage priced at around $500 per night. You can book cottage accommodations by visiting our accommodation section above.