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Hotels in Bermuda

Although it is a small island, there is a good selection of hotels in Bermuda. Many come with added extras such as a fridge and coffeemaker/kettle or include a continental breakfast. Facilities may well include a pool or beach (or both!), as well as a bar and restaurant. Bermuda is not a budget holiday destination so you should expect to pay at least $200 per night for a double room in a two star hotel in Bermuda during high season, and prices at the more exclusive hotels may be double this amount. Bermuda’s hotels can be large purpose built complexes or smaller family-run establishments. You will generally pay more if the hotel is on the beachfront. You can save a bit on your accommodation by staying at a hotel in Bermuda that is inland, but offers a shuttle bus service to a nearby beach. If you are looking for luxury, Bermuda has some of the best hotels in the world with an equally impressive price tag. You can book hotel accommodations by visiting our accommodation section above. We search the net for links to special discounts for low season/winter holidays in Bermuda too.