Boston: Food and Drink

The Athens of America

Boston Food and Drink

Boston’s diversity is reflected in its excellent choice of restaurants. You will find that, no matter what type of cuisine tickles your fancy, you will be spoilt for choice when you go out for a drink in Boston. Italian food is something of a specialty in Boston. This is due to the large Italian community in Boston who number around 50,000. Prezza is highly recommended for Italian dishes. The restaurant is located on Fleet Street in Boston and dishes here will cost around €20. Delicious seafood is also waiting for you to get stuck into in Boston. The best restaurants for seafood are the Great Bay Restaurant and the Daily Catch. Mains here will cost between €20 and €30. Hearty American food is also available throughout Boston. If steaks, chops and more meat than you can shake a stick at are what you want, Capital Grille or Grill 23 and Bar are for you. Mains here are between €25 and €35.