Boston: Spectator Sports

The Athens of America

Boston Spectator Sports

If you love your sports, there are few better places in America to go than Boston. Within a one hour radius of Boston there are teams within every major sporting conference in the United States. The Boston Celtics, the reigning basketball champions, hail from the city. The Boston Red Sox, one of the biggest teams in baseball, play their games in Boston’s historic Fenway Park. The New England Patriots, one of the most successful teams in American Football in the last 10 years, play just 30 miles away in Foxborough. The Boston Bruins play in the National Hockey League and are well worth watching. Finally, the New England Revolution are based in Foxborugh as well and play in Major League Soccer. Whatever sport you fancy, Boston has it all. The only problem you may have is getting tickets. The Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics regularly sell out their games, but you may have more joy with the Bruins and Revolution.