Boston: Costs

The Athens of America

Boston Costs

Boston has a high cost of living, and is above average for cities in the United States. While there is no tax on clothes, up to $175, this is one of the only ways Boston is cheaper than other cities you will visit. You can find the odd cheap meal here and there but accommodation in Boston is generally quite expensive and the costs of sights and tours can also add up.

Some typical costs in Boston are:

Hotels: €75 a night and upwards
Pint of lager: €3.50
25ml of Whiskey: €2.75
Can of Coke: €1
Cup of coffee: €2.50
Breakfast: €7
Lunch: €15
Dinner: €35
Cigarettes pack of 20: €3.80
Taxi from airport to downtown Boston: €15-€33