Boston: Food Guide - Dining Out

The Athens of America

Boston Food Guide - Dining Out

Boston diverse and liberal feel is evident in the choice of food that the city’s restaurants have to offer. Boston’s presence near the sea ensures that seafood restaurants are plentiful. If seafood is what you are after, the Great Bay restaurant is just for you.

An average main meal at the Great Bay restaurant will cost around €18, which is quite reasonable for Boston. Boston’s prominent Italian community means that authentic, delectable Italian cuisine is plentiful. If you have a hankering for pasta and spaghetti, Prezza could be the place for you.

Located on Fleet Street in Boston, the restaurant’s specialties include ravioli and lamb, and an average main meal here will set you back €20. Good, traditional American cuisine is also on offer in Boston’s restaurants. If you want to taste a thick, juicy American steak before your holiday is over, head over to the Capital Grille on Newbury Street. This restaurant is a little more expensive than some of the others mentioned here, but you won’t be disappointed with the value. Mouthwatering steaks are served alongside well-prepared side dishes.

The restaurant’s décor is refined yet traditional, like much of Boston, and the service is excellent. A main meal here is usually around €25. If you are on a bit more of a budget, there are some no frills that diners that serve food to hit the spot, if not dazzle. You can more or less any type of cuisine in Boston if you are willing to look for it.