Boston: Local Travel Info

The Athens of America

Boston Local Travel Info

This section gives internal travel information for the destination and is broken down into the following brief sections. Mention for each mode of transport if this is a normal way of travel in the destination to give the customer an idea of whether they should travel this way – also mention any dangers.

Internal flights and major international airports in Boston

The main airport in Boston is Logan International Airport. The airport is located in East Boston, four miles north-east of Boston, and is one of the busiest airports in America. There are many internal flights between Logan International Airport and the other major airports in the U.S. An alternative to Logan is Manchester Boston Regional Airport, though this is around 50 miles outside of Boston. There are less flights to this airport but it still carries flights to and from the major cities.

Getting to and from the airport in Boston

There are a number of ways of getting from Logan to the downtown area or suburbs. Taxis are available on the forecourts located outside each terminal, follow the signs from baggage claim. Journey time to downtown Boston is 20 to 30 minutes and can cost between €15 and €33. There is a flat rate for journeys over 12 miles so ensure your fare is agreed before you set off to avoid inflation. Alternatively, the MBTA Blue Line train service is available at Logan Airport Station. The service runs every four to 11 minutes between 5:30am and 12:30am. The train fare is just €1. The MBTA Silver Line is a bus service which connects the airport to a number of downtown areas. Again, the fare is €1.

Renting cars in Boston

With Boston’s location within driving distance of New York and a short journey from some truly breathtaking scenery, renting a car is a worthwhile pursuit if you are planning on going further afield from the city itself. If not, Boston is best explored on foot or by using the excellent train system. Should you wish to rent a car in Boston you can do so from a number of places, many of them located within the airport. Car rental should cost around €20 a day. Some agencies will not rent to anyone younger than 25-years-old. Others will, but charge a higher fee to do so.

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Drivers licenses requirements?

You can usually rent a car and drive with a driving license from your own country – an international license shouldn’t be required.

Driving Rules in Boston

You are required to wear a seat belt in Boston and, should you be caught no doing so, you can be fined. Throughout America people drive on the right-hand side of the road. There are various speed limits set for Massachusetts. It is 20 mph in a school zone, 30 mph in business districts and 40 mph or 50 mph on the highways.

Boston by Bus

Buses operate throughout Boston and are safe, reliable and easy to use. Each journey costs just €1.50 and that ticket can get you virtually anywhere in Boston.

Boston by Taxi

If at all possible, using the roads in Boston should be avoided. Due to the compact nature of the city and confusing mesh of one way roads, Boston is not ideal for road use. Traffic is often a problem and can add minutes to your journey, rather than save you time. In addition to this, taxis are more expensive than the trains and buses in Boston.

Cycling in Boston

Boston’s size make it an easy city to cycle around there are many cycle lanes and amenities that lend themselves to cyclists. If you wish to see Boston by bike you can rent bikes for €20 to €30. Helmets are not required by law for adults but anyone under 16 must wear one.

Water Transport in Boston

Water taxis offer transportation and access to the Boston waterfront throughout the year. You can catch one upon your arrival at Logan airport or hop aboard at one of the 20 other stops dotted around Boston Harbor. A trip from the airport to Boston will cost €7.50 while a round trip is €12. The cost of trips between the airport and other destinations, such as Charlestown and North Station, is €15. There are also a number of ferry and cruise services available at Boston Harbor. You can take a look at the city from the water, explore Boston Harbor Islands or even go whale watching. The cruises range from €12 to €48.