Boston: Main Sights

The Athens of America

Boston Main Sights

With its combination of history, culture, entertainment and education, Boston has a varied and engaging wealth of attractions for you to enjoy.

The Freedom Trail
It would be a crime to visit a city as historically enriched as Boston without taking in a tour which shows you some of its most important buildings and areas. The Freedom Trail takes you on a snaking route around some of the oldest parts of the city, following a red strip on the pavement as you go. On the trail you will enjoy 17 sights, including the sights and sounds of Boston Common, one of the oldest city parks in the United States, walk the grounds of the Boston Massacre, visit the home of American patriot Paul Revere and bask in the glory of the USS Constitution. Tickets range from €9 to €32.

Fenway Park
Fenway Park is the oldest of the current Major League Baseball stadiums and a truly unique venue. Some of the great names of baseball folklore, including Babe Ruth and Cy Young, have played in Fenway and the Boston Red Sox remain one of the biggest teams in Major League Baseball. Ticket prices range from €9 to €244 and demand is extremely high so watching a game can be difficult. The tour is truly worthwhile though and, at €9, is far more reasonably priced than some of the tickets for games.

Museum of Science
The Museum of Science offers a varied and exciting experience with hundreds interactive exhibits. You can watch chickens hatching in the natural animal habitats, witness the Van de Graaff generator recreate lightning, sit in the awe-inspiring planetarium or visit a replica of the first space capsule. Admission is €13 for adults.

Boston Public Garden
The Boston Public Garden offers an idyllic retreat, right in the heart of Boston. The garden contains a large lake and pond that is home to swans. It is also possible to take a ride on the lake’s swan boats, an experience which has become synonymous with Boston. The boats cost just €2 and are pedaled around the lake by a tour guide. The beautiful flowers and serene landscape of the garden are a welcome alternative to the busy city.

Beacon Hill
This area of Boston is well known for its narrow streets, brick walls and gas lights. It is a residential area which dates back to the 19th century and has become one of the most desirable areas in the United States. As you walk through Beacon Hill you could be mistaken for thinking you have gone back in time as parts of it still look convincingly realistic. Beacon Hill also contains a number of antique shops, if you are looking for that one of a kind item.
Boston Harbor Islands
There are 34 islands contained in this national recreation area, each with something to offer. Historic lighthouses, forts built in the civil war, tide pools, fishing and a whole host of tours are all on offer. Native Indians originally inhabited the islands before being confronted by the colonists. Their rich history extends further, Fort Warren for instance was used as a defense structure from the civil war, right up until the Second World War.

Harvard University
Harvard University is the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. It is over 370 years old and has educated seven presidents, including John F. Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The main campus of the university is in Cambridge, a short distance from the center of Boston. The campus stretches over 380 acres and is the perfect example of a traditional American university.

New England Aquarium
The New England Aquarium, appropriately located on Boston’s waterfront, combines entertainment and education to offer a new perspective on marine wildlife. The aquarium offers the visitors the chance to witness turtles, penguins, octopus, sharks, rays and seals up close. At the Edge of the Sea Touch Tank adults and children can get their hands wet and meet sea stars, crabs and lobsters. The four-story Giant Ocean Tank offers visitors the chance to walk up and down a ramp as they explore the coral reef from every angle. Admission is €15 for adults and €9 for children.

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour
Samuel Adams was born in Boston and became a politician in Massachusetts. He is credited as one of the founding fathers of the United States. It has been alleged that he was a brewer and so, after his death, the Boston Beer Company created a lager named after him in 1985. Today you can visit the brewery where this beer is made and be given a tour which demonstrates how the brewing process is carried out, from start to finish. The tour is free and you are provided a beer to drink as you go round.