Boston: Useful Information

The Athens of America

Boston Useful Information

- Credits cards are widely accepted using “chip and pin” transactions.
- If you are visiting from a foreign country, it is likely you will be charged for withdrawing any money from cash machines. Please check with your bank before you leave to ensure you won’t be charged.
- Massachusetts, the state in which Boston resides, has a 5% sales tax on certain items. Certain food products are exempt as are clothing and footwear up to $175. So if you are heading to Boston to shop until you drop, you are in luck!
- Using your mobile while you are in Boston will cost you a lot of money. UK and European mobile phone companies put a high charge on calls and text messages used while abroad.
- The voltage supply in the United States is different to the UK and Europe. If you are taking electrical appliances over, you will need to get an adapter before you travel or while you are abroad. The United States use 110 volt electricity. They also use two pin plugs.
- Internet access can be found at many internet cafes for a nominal fee and a lot of hostels and hotels now offer it as well.
- You must be 21 years of age or older to drink in the United States. Strict identifications are made to anyone who looks under 25. If you are caught drinking underage you can be issued with a big fine. If you are found to be drunk and disorderly you could face a night in prison as well as a hefty fine.
- It is difficult to get hold of British newspapers in Boston, though it can be done. British TV channels are also difficult to find, though the BBC World News Channel is often carried by satellite providers.
- Boston uses Eastern Daylight Time. It is five hours behind UK time.
- The water on tap is fine to drink and has often been said to be of a higher standard than in the UK.
- The United States is a Christian country and Boston, due to its association with Ireland, has a large Catholic presence. Churches from most denominations can be found though.