Boston: When to go

The Athens of America

Boston When to go

Boston is a joy to visit, no matter what time of year. The city’s varied attractions and easy accessibility mean you can stroll around if it is a nice day, but also quickly and cheaply get from place to place if there is a cold snap.

The ideal time to visit Boston would probably be in spring. As it is so ideally suited to being explored on foot, you could enjoy the pleasant weather while you enjoy your break. Some of the aforementioned attractions lend themselves well to nice weather and additionally, some sights may be closed or limited in the middle of winter.

Some visitors may find the heat of Boston’s summer a little bit too much to bear. While temperatures do not get dangerously high, they often exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the beaches near Boston are limited or not particularly desirable, it can feel as though there is no escaping the heat. Boston is a very popular tourist destination so you should book three months or more in advance if possible. As with most places summer will be extremely busy but also, due to its association with Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day, in March, is also a busy period.