Boston: Hostels

The Athens of America

Boston Hostels

Boston can also cater to the demands of a traveler on a budget. If you are looking for cheap accommodation in hostel dorms with the most basic of luxuries, Boston has got you covered. There are several hostels in the downtown area of Boston, and all of them provide bargain price beds. Most of the hostels have internet access and all of them provide breakfast, linens and towels, showers, shampoo, toilets and lockers. As with any hostel, you’re not going to get the most opulent room, complete with double bed and room service.

You will most likely be in a dorm room with several people, often sleeping in a bunk bed. What this route does offer you is great savings. It is possible to find some hostels offering beds for €15 a night, and even the most expensive will charge no more than €30 a night. Once again, most of these hostels are within walking distance of the sights and it is advisable to browse some customer reviews for the most highly recommended. Thefts often occur at insecure hostels, so read up before booking.