Botswana: Couples Holiday

A Safari Paradise

Botswana Couples Holiday

For a romantic holiday, Botswana is an ideal choice for couples. If you long to walk hand-in-hand on the beach, combine your safari holiday in Botswana with a stay on the shores of Zanzibar. But Botswana has lots to offer couples. Whether you stay in a luxury safari lodge in Botswana, or choose to drive your own vehicle and stay at independent camp sites, the memories of eating out in the bush, gliding along the Okavango Delta in a mokoro (canoe) and setting out in the early morning to look for lions, elephants and giraffes will be shared memories that will last a lifetime. If you want nightlife, you’ll find some in towns such as Gabarone and Maun, where you can eat out, and even dance the night away, but the main reason for a visit to Botswana is to enjoy all that nature has to offer.