Botswana: Culture and Arts

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Botswana Culture and Arts

Botswana has been a rich source of art and pottery since the Stone Age. There are rock paintings in the Tsodilo Hills that were painted some 1500 years ago or even earlier. The San people of Botswana produce beautiful crafts, such as Ostrich egg necklaces, leatherwork and woodwork, and Botswana is famous for its handmade baskets. Baskets are made in many places including the Bokamoso Basket Cooperative at Shorobe. Botswana is also home to several potteries that produce unusual and creative pottery. At the Dinkgwana pottery in Botswana, traditional potters mould their grey-coloured clay from the local river and make pots by the coil method, gradually building the pot from its base. The National Museum in Gaborone in Botswana shows contemporary art alongside traditional art in the main building. The National Art Gallery has regular exhibitions from up and coming Batswana artists, craftspeople and schoolchildren, and Bank of Botswana has a permanent exhibition of modern art.