Botswana: Safari Activity Holiday

A Safari Paradise

Botswana Safari Activity Holiday

In Botswana, vast areas of wildlife country have been set aside as private safari reserve, which makes Botswana a top spot for wildlife watching. On a safari holiday in Botswana you can enjoy a real wilderness experience in privacy and comfort. With a tiny population of people, the animals and birds have the lion's share of the country to themselves.

In Botswana, the Okavango River runs inland, finishing in the centre of the desert creating an enormous oasis called the Okavango Delta.  In the midst of the desert, you'll fins palm trees, grassland and water, which creates a paradise for millions of animals.  On a safari holiday in Botswana you can explore the Okavango Delta with expert guides by open vehicle and on short walks.

A highlight of any safari holiday in Botswana is the chance to glide silently along waterways in a mokoro canoe or take a lazy boat cruise as the sun sets. Further north in Botswana, open savannah plains, semi desert and woodland see elephant gathering in herds hundreds strong in the dry season from August to November. This makes it the ideal place to see lions and wild dog, as well as buffalo, giraffe, zebra, plains game and dozens of other mammal species while on safari in Botswana. Botswana is also home to more than 400 species of birds.

Botswana has numerous Safari lodges and resorts to choose from, the majority of which are quite costly during the peak season. Its advisable to book in advance to enjoy low rates, or travel during the off peak season. May, September and October are excellent off-peak times to travel as the weather is perfect and you are bound to see the Big 5.