Botswana: Canoeing

A Safari Paradise

Botswana Canoeing

Canoeing in Botswana is experience nature. In Botswana, canoes are called Mokoro.These flat-bottomed, dug-out canoes are a different way to see the Okavango Delta, the beautiful inland waterways of Botswana. As you glide along through the lily beds as your guide and poler pushes you through the water, you can spot perhaps the elusive sitatunga – a small deer-like mammal light enough to live on the waterways' foliage – and which would flee at the sound of a car engine. Hippos and crocodiles also share the waterways – a memorable experience. If you’re not fussed about a luxury experience, pay a visit to the Etsha Community Mokoro Camping where locals will take you on a guided canoe trip.