Botswana: White Water Rafting

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Botswana White Water Rafting

The Zambeze below the Victoria falls is one of the world’s most renowned stretches of white water. It was the venue for the 1995 World Rafting Campionships , and rafting is now very big business in Botswana, with keen competition for tourist dollars. About 50,000 tourists now go down the river every year. Expect to pay about US$80-100 each for white water rafting in Botswana .

If you’re looking for white water rafting, there are a variety of options available in Botswana, from combo canoeing and rafting trips and game drives to overnight rafting tours. Some of these trips in Botswana are sold as white-water kayaking – which shouldn’t be confused with the white-water rafting beneath the falls. For those who’d like the experience but don’t want to paddle, canoe operators also run guided ‘float’ trips in the Upper Zambezi. Participants can paddle when they feel like it or simply float downstream on a raft. No prior canoeing experience is necessary, and once you are used to the water, the better guides will encourage you to concentrate on the wildlife. Lunch is typically serviced on an idlands. Trips on the Zambian side have long been run by the Makjora Quest and Chundukwa Adventure Trails; both are owner-operated and run by very experienced guides.