Botswana: When to go

A Safari Paradise

Botswana When to go

Lodges and hotels in Botswana are open all year round. The dry season is April to November. The wet season is from November to March although predominantly just February and March.This period is a haven for all types of migrant birds and wonderful butterflies and flowers.

Wildlife spotters will have a better holiday in Botswana if they go between late May and the end of August, when days are warm and sunny and nights are cool and the animals come out to the water hole to drink. However, it can also be busier between mid-July and mid-September thanks to school holidays. From October to April, wildlife can be harder to spot in Botswana and the rain at this time of the year can make some of the tracks on a Botswana safari holiday impassable. During May to September, the nights can be chilly.