Brazil: Hiking Activity Holiday

The world's largest country in the tropics

Brazil Hiking Activity Holiday

For people going to Brazil on holiday or vacation and seeking something a bit different, hiking and climbing are two sports that offer some fantastic experiences. Brazil is much more than tanning on beaches. For people looking for a more adventurous holiday or vacation in Brazil the country has a lot to offer. Of the many sports that are available they can be divided into land sports and water sports.

Of the water sports popular activities include rafting, surfing, and diving. Of the land sports canyoning, trekking, hiking and climbing are proving to be all the rage for tourists looking for some outdoor pursuits. Brazil's geography has some wonderful things to offer people looking for great views, exercise and fresh air. Hiking is Brazil is a sport enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Unless you enjoy walking in saunas then the best time to go on hiking vacations in the cooler months from April to October. Any other time is very difficult due to the heat and humidity.

Brazil has many places to go hiking, whether you want jungle or coastline. People looking for outstanding beauty can try the national parks of Chapada Diamantina (Bahia), Serra dos Orgaos and Itatiaia (Rio de Janeiro) and Veadeiros (Goias). There are also excellent national parks that offer good hiking such as Marumbi (Parana) and Serra de Sao Jose (Minas Gerais). Before deciding where to go hiking in Brazil try and contact local hiking groups for advice.

As with hiking the best time to go on climbing vacations in Brazil is during the cooler months of the year. Brazil has many fantastic rock climbing ranges both for beginners and for the more experienced rock climber. There are many cliff faces that have yet to be conquered so anyone looking for a challenge has lots to get their teeth into. Much of the more developed climbing is done in the are near Rio de Janeiro, which allows you the best of both worlds, i.e. beaches and climbing. Some of the best climbs include the national parks at Itatitaia (Rio de Janeiro) and Caparao (Minas Gerais).
As with climbing it is a good move to try and contact some local climbing groups for more information. Most will have some members that speak English to advice you on where to go and what to bring.