Brazil: Hiking - Walking

The world's largest country in the tropics

Brazil Hiking - Walking

Hiking is Brazil is a sport enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Unless you enjoy walking in saunas then the best time to go on hiking vacations in the cooler months from April to October. Any other time is very difficult due to the heat and humidity.

Brazil has many places to go hiking, whether you want jungle or coastline. People looking for outstanding beauty can try the national parks of Chapada Diamantina (Bahia), Serra dos Orgaos and Itatiaia (Rio de Janeiro) and Veadeiros (Goias). There are also excellent national parks that offer good hiking such as Marumbi (Parana) and Serra de Sao Jose (Minas Gerais). Before deciding where to go hiking in Brazil try and contact local hiking groups for advice. Rio Hiking Tours will lead you up Gavea Rock and Sugar Loaf as well as on treks through outlying regions surrounding Rio de Janeiro.