Brazil: Nightlife

The world's largest country in the tropics

The best entertainment occurs in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In Rio, the major clubs do not present their main acts until after midnight - the daily paper gives current information; small clubs (boites) provide nightly entertainment throughout the city. São Paulo nightlife is more sophisticated, with greater choice. Both cities host top international DJs. Samba clubs featuring live music are popular, especially in Rio. Outside the main cities, most towns have late night bars and clubs.

Brazil isn’t only natural wonders as the Amazon, the Iguassu Falls, or the magnificent unspoiled beaches of the Northeast. Brazil is also excellent exotic food, good shopping opportunities or entertainment and animated nightlife, all at reasonable or low prices.

For nightlife and fun one of the best options is, undoubtedly, Rio de Janeiro. But there are other options. Near Rio, if you want a more selective and conventional animation, with lots of restaurants, good food and excellent bars or discos, places such as Buzios and Angra are excellent options. And so is Sao Paulo. Though mainly a business capital, Sao Paulo may easily satisfy the most exigent demands on entertainment and fun. And the same may be applied to great destinies like Fortaleza, Sao Salvador da Bahia or Recife. Their nightlife hasn’t the glamour, the intensity and the diversity of Rio’s, but has charms of their own.