Brazil: Sightseeing

The world's largest country in the tropics

Brazil Sightseeing

Anyone contemplating the idea of Brazil tours is certainly going to be having the holiday of a lifetime! There are literally has everything that visitors can do to occupy their tours, Brazil simply has it all. So, for those contemplating Brazil tours, here are some of the tours Brazil has on offer:

Most Brazil tours either start or finish in Rio. Beside touring the world famous beaches and mountains surrounding Rio, tour operators in Brazil can also arrange for visitors to this city to tour the historic downtown neighbourhoods of Centro, Lapa and Santa Trersa. Here, Brazil tours will include a walk down some of the old colonial narrow cobbled streets, grand plazas, tours of the churches and museums. What’s more, no tour of Brazil can be considered complete without the experience of shopping in Rio! For the sports minded visitor to Rio, local tour operators in Brazil can arrange for you to do some hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, and even a game of soccer! So, keep in mind that for any Brazil tours to be considered complete, a tour of Rio needs to be on the agenda.

Iguassu Falls are considered one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. Although they are neither the widest, nor the highest, waterfalls in the world, they are considered the most spectacular. Local tour operators in Brazil can arrange for visitors to take 1, 2 or 3 day tours of Iguassu Falls, where visitors will have the chance to: take photos of the amazing sight of all 275 cataracts; walk the entire 4 km length of the falls (from bank-to-bank);
do the Gran Aventura boat ride to the bottom of the falls and take the breathtaking Macuco Safari Tour.

Salvador is one of Brazil"s oldest cities and was, during colonial times, the gateway of Brazil's slave trade. As a result, this wonderfully historic city has both a diverse culture (Brazil tours to Salvador will be required if you want to see the influence Africa had on this nation), but also of fantastic architecture. Tour operators in Brazil can also arrange for you to spend some time at the famous lighthouse overlooking the Bay of All Saints - Brazil's second largest bay. For a truly unique Brazil tour, however, make sure you take in some of the Capoeira experience in Salvador. Capoeira is a mixture of martial arts and dance and is a sight to be seen!