Brazil: Whale Watching

The world's largest country in the tropics

The islands of the National Park of Abrolhos are located 65 km from the coast of Bahia and the city of Caravelas. There are five islands plus the Reef Timbebas. Crystal clear waters with temperatures between 24 to 28º C, create an ideal environment for corals and fish to develop . Diving is excellent in Abrolhos, and it's possible for both certified divers or beginners. The main attraction from July to November is the arrival of the HumpBack Whales to this area to mate and give birth. Whale watching season in the state of Santa Catarina goes from July to November. That's when southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) leave Antarctic waters, where they spent the summer, to mate, give birth and nurse their young off the coast of this southern Brazil state. Sightings reach a peak between the second half of August and the first half of October.

The Santa Catarina coast has traversed a redeeming historical path from whaling hub to preservation model. The carcass of the last southern right whale killed in the area was brought to the shores of Imbituba in 1973. When whale hunting in Brazil was finally forbidden in 1987, there were no more whales in the area. Thanks to environmentalist efforts, southern right whale population has been growing steadily. The old whaling station on Praia do Porto, Imbituba, was converted into the Whale Museum.