Brazil: Costs

The world's largest country in the tropics

Brazil Costs

Compared to other countries, Brazil is fairly cheap. For the past three years, the dollar has gone only down against the Real. Since the beginning of 2006, the dollar has been under R$ 2.30. This means that, for foreign visitors who come with dollars or euros, prices in Brazil became more expensive recently, but sill remain very affordable.

Some typical costs in Brazil are:
Guest Houses: US$10 upwards for 3 star
Hotels: US$25 upwards for 3 star
Pint of bitter US$1.50
Pint of lager US$1.50
25ml of whisky US$1
Can of Coke US$0.60
Cup of coffee US$0.80
Breakfast US$8
Lunch US$10
Dinner US$12
Cigarettes pack of 20 US$4
Taxi from airport to city centre US$30-40, depending on region.
Buses US$2-15 per journey, depending on the journey.