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Hostels in Brazil

Pousada means guesthouse (the local equivalent of a French auberge or a British boarding house), and are usually simpler than hotels, and will offer less services (room service, laundry etc.). Pousadas are even more widespread than hotels. There are over 80 youth hostels (albergues de juventude) scattered across the country and at least one can be found in every town and city in Brazil.

Dormitórios, which have several beds to a room, cost from as little as US$5 per night, though standards are correspondingly basic (with shared bathroom facilities). A Pousada costs from approximately US$10 per night. Rooms with bathrooms are called apartamentos, those without a bathroom are called quartos. In wilderness areas like the Pantanal, travellers usually stay in fazendas, which are ranches with guest facilities. In small towns of Minas Gerais people are fond of hotéis-fazenda (farm hotels) where you can swim, ride, walk, play football, and camp as well as sleep in picturesque barracks.