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Brazil is blessed with warm waters, year-round sunshine and it is not very difficult to find a resort in Brazil to meet even the highest standards. The country symbolises the great escape into a primordial, tropical paradise. There are long stretches of undiscovered rainforest, endless rivers and perhaps the most sought after and loved of all, Brazil’s stunning beaches. When seeking out the perfect resort in Brazil many say Copocabana and the smaller but equally popular Ipanema are the true hotspots of this magical destination. These beaches are not home to just any old resort in Brazil as this is one of the most exciting destinations to be in with its art, music, carnivals, festivals and the Brazilian idea of culture as one mixed unity.

When searching for a beach resort in Brazil why not try the ever popular Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro. The stunning stucco-fashioned hotel was built in 1923 and remains one of Rio's most traditional and luxurious hotels. The palace itself embodies the glamour of Rio and is the perfect Brazilian beach resort which seems as if it were built for a king. The Copacabana Palace has drawn film stars, politicians, royalty, and business leaders and through it's history has been seen as a sophisticated meeting place for high society. Everything about the hotel is elegant, classic and first-rate. This beach resort Brazil is home to encompasses that of absolute and true opulence.

A well received Brazilian beach resort or luxury all inclusive beach resort Brazil makes it mark on guests. Fazenda Sao Francisco do Corumbao in Bahia is definitely among the all stars. It offers complete privacy and superior style while set amidst a grove of palm trees and 2kms of soft, slippery sand. It is in essence an eco-resort focusing on preserving and enjoying the natural surroundings and species. There is also a coral reef that expands roughly 10 km into the ocean and is perfect for snorkelling and diving. This Brazilian beach resort is located between the cities of Porto Seguro and Prado on the south coast of Bahia. It's a small and affluent boutique hotel with seaside bungalows and suites a lagoon-style swimming pool and is completely devoted to the tranquillity of nature.

If you want to visit a Brazilian beach resort surrounded by top rate amenities and scenery the Casa Grande Hotel Resort and Spa is definitely a first-class accommodation and set on prime Brazilian real estate. If you're in a hurry to arrive to the hotel and begin your experience there's a helicopter service offered from the airport which takes about 28 minutes. Located roughly 20 km outside of Sao Paulo on Guaruja Island this resort has 268 modern and elegantly decorated guest rooms, complete personalized guest services, full service spa, gorgeous tropical gardens , 5 separate on-site restaurants, and beautiful views of the ocean. There are also professional tennis courts, volleyball courts and a lighted soccer field! During the summer season there is a large shopping complex located across from the entrance of the hotel. Many people in Brazil treasure this hotel as one of the country's finer establishments and one most guests don't want to leave. The most up-and-coming resort in Brazil is now the small friendly Praia de Pipa, in the north east of the country; serviced by international airports at Natal and Recife, this small town is popular with both Brazilians and foreign tourists. The laid back attitude of the open and friendly locals make this a welcome change to some of the more recognised but less safe and inviting destinations.