Brussels: Disabled Needs

The Smallest World-City

Brussels Disabled Needs

Brussels is a very disabled-friendly city. Signs mark disabled access for public toilets and Metro stations with elevators (Brussels has 10 in total), as well as disable parking. The Eurostar provides excellent transportation for disabled people and upon arrival at Gare du Midi, you can take a taxi or access the Metro. Brussels National airport is designed for wheelchair accessibility and has passenger assistance that provides point-to-point transportation and assistance for persons with disabilities as well as for others who require assistance. The services consist of wheelchair and attendant assistance. Bus 71 is wheelchair accessible and visits the top attractions such as the Grande Place, Museum of Fine Arts and Musical Instruments Museum which all provide disabled facilities. Beware, however, of Brussels' cobblestone streets. Taxi Verts has around 40 taxis for people with disabilities and are adapted for wheelchairs; available 24 hours.