Brussels: Costs

The Smallest World-City

Brussels Costs

Brussels is considered one of the most pleasant and cheapest cities (the least expensive in Western Europe – excluding new EU members) to live in within Europe. The cost of renting a luxury apartment in Brussels is 1/3 that of London. Transportation is about half the price of London, and other major European cities and food is considerably cheaper in Brussels than other European destinations. The quality of life is considered very high.

As a visitor, accommodation is the biggest expense, costing anywhere between €40 and €180 for a double room in a good quality bed and breakfast or downtown hotel. For a high-season bed in a hostel expect to pay even less at just €20 a night.

Accommodation In Brussels

Brussels spoils visitors for choices when it comes to accommodation. Offering places to stay that suit every budget’s needs from hostels to luxury 5 star hotels, Brussels has something for everyone. Typical prices for accommodation in Brussels is :

Budget: €15-40
Mid-range: €40-110
High: €110-180
Top: €180