Brussels: Food Guide - Dining Out

The Smallest World-City

Brussels Food Guide - Dining Out

Famous for french fries, beer and chocolate, Brussels is renowned for its local and international culinary delights. Brussels caters to all tastes and budgets from chic restaurants in the Upper Town to cosy cafes dotted throughout the city. Brussels is known for its fresh, local fish and seafood with mouth watering selections such as mussels and shrimp. Many dishes use Belgian beer as a base, such as lapin à la gueuze (rabbit cooked in beer) and Flemish carbonades. Other sumptuous dishes include stoemp (meats cooked in a potato, carrot and onion sauce) and Ghent waterzooi (creamy chicken stew). For dessert, there is no beating delicious Belgian chocolate! For those who want to splurge on the best Belgian food, try the restaurants in the Bourse district, Vismarkt and Place du Grand Sablon. Budget diners in Brussels have plenty of choices in the cafés of the Marolles district, a melting pot of ethnic cultures. You will find a high concentration of restaurants in the vicinity of Grand Place where you can find international food such as Greek, Chinese, Spanish as well as French eateries widely available. Not be missed are the Belgian waffle stands!

Meals range in price from:

Budget: €5-8
Mid-range: €8-20
High: €20-60
Top: €60

Fruit and vegetable markets in Brussels

Brussels has an enviable amount of daily and seasonal fruit and vegetable markets. Each neighbourhood has its own market day. On Mondays the best place to go for fruit and vegetables in Brussels is Place Van Meenen (open 12:30 – 19:00). On Tuesdays try Le Miroir for regional farm produce. Wednesdays head to Place Ste-Catherine for flowers and food (open 7 am – 5 pm). On Friday afternoons try the Place du Jeu de Ball, which stays open late (9 pm). Place St-Lambert is the place to go on weekends. Not to be missed on Sundays is the Midi Market the biggest market in Belgium and one of the largest in Europe. Find spices, household items, clothing and wares of every price and sort. In June, keep an eye out for organic week, which is a celebration of organic farming in Wallonia and Brussels.